Easy Online Access, Worry-Free Maintenance.

It’s nice to know you’re in good hands.

Easy Record Keeping

Easy Record Keeping

Let us manage your system information for you with online storage of your records that you can access from anywhere.

Long Term Cost Savings

Long Term Cost Savings

Regular service and maintenance lengthens the life of your septic system and helps avoid costly repair bills.

BCIN Contractors

BCIN Contractors

Rest assured that contractors registered with SepticCheck.ca  are  licensed  professionals under the Ontario Building Code.

Building Code Compliant

Building Code Compliant

Our standardized reporting system captures all of the information required by law should your records ever be requested.

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What our members have to say…

"SepticCheck.ca is the best and most comprehensive data system for homeowner and commercial septic system information. We recommend our clients register their septic system with SepticCheck.ca, which allows them access to their septic information whenever it is required."

Eric Gunnell, President
Gunnell Engineering

Easy to understand reports

Written in plain english avoiding industry jargon, in four simple sections.

Tablet Report

Property Info

Includes the location of your property as well as information about the owner, personal information will always be kept confidential.

Dwelling Info

Covers the number of fixtures (sinks and toilets), square footage, and number of bedrooms in the dwelling.

Septic System Info

Includes the age, location, water level, tank type and style of the system which helps form the basis for the final report.

Results Report

Summarizes the status of the system and identifies any current or future issues that may require attention.

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